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Fan & Mini airconditioner

edola Evaporative Air Cooler 700ML Air Humidifier & Purifier, Personal Air Conditioner Desk Fan,

Item No.: edola Evaporative Air Cooler Air Humidifier Portable Air Conditioner
Packing list
  • 【All in one】Personal air conditioner cooler, desk fan, air humidifier and purifier, colourful LED night light; design with spray function, add water or ice to quickly cool down the room and use as a normal desk fan when there is no water. It also helps to keep dry, dirty air away, reduce dust and enjoy a cool, comfortable summer.
  • 【3 modes + 4 wind speeds】1 natural wind mode and 2 fog cooling modes; when the fan draws in hot air, the water in the tank is sprayed by a centrifugal device with an average particle size of 4um through high-frequency ultrasonic vibration to ensure a cool and comfortable breeze, while you can choose the intensity of fogging you need. 4 wind speeds to choose from, and if you want to feel the rapid cooling, just add ice cubes to the tank.
  • 【700ML water tank & 120° angle oscillation】edola air cooler has a large capacity 700ml water tank with extended filling interval for easy filling of ice cubes and cleaning of the water tank; the bottom has a leak-proof water reservoir to prevent water from flowing onto the table. The mini air conditioner can circulate cool air around a wider surface area with the help of wide angle oscillation technology. Choose between 4 wind settings: low, medium, high and strong.
  • 【Built-in timer function & rainbow light】The air cooler has 4 built-in timer options: 2h, 4h, 6h and 8h, making it more convenient for daily use. The multi-coloured LED night light function provides a romantic ambience when used at night. In the lowest air speed operating mode, the sound of the unit is below 30dB and will not disturb your work or sleep. Easy to use USB powered, so you can use it with a mobile power source if there is no socket nearby.
  • 【Energy-Saving & Portable】 This cooling fan is Freon free, environmentally friendly and runs on low energy, perfectly suited to our low carbon lifestyle. The soft belt handle takes it anywhere to enjoy pure coolness. The buttons also have clear functions and can be adjusted to suit your needs. The cooler is even more suitable for personal cooling. Suitable for desks, bedside tables, dining tables, offices, dormitories, etc. If you have any questions or need any support, please contact us.